Our Story

A Primary Goal Of Our Firm Is To Level The Playing Field For Our Investor Clients. 

Gwynedd Wealth Partners was founded to help the individual investor navigate through the maze of investment products and services that are currently offered today. To help individuals and their families create a long-term plan that is achievable and to provide them a mechanism to achieve it. Too often today, the typical investor is at a disadvantage when it comes to selecting the appropriate investment vehicles to meet their goals. New products are created every day and many are complicated and confusing in their construction and benefits. A primary goal of our firm is to level the playing field for our investor clients and to help them implement their investment plans in such a way as to minimize their risk and cost and to maximize their returns.

Client Centered

I have been in the investment industry for 30 years and have been exposed to every facet of this business. My experience includes Citicorp Investments and JP Morgan Investments, both in New York, and most recently PNC Managed Investments in Philadelphia. A good portion of what we did was create and manage investment products that our large financial institutional customers would turn around and offer to their High Net Worth clientele.

What I learned, is that not all investments are created equal and that the typical investor is not aware of how these products are constructed. There are many products that are built for the sole purpose of being “sold” and not for the long-term benefit of the investor. On the other hand, there are many investment products that do deliver the benefits we are all seeking - cost efficiency and consistency. No one can guarantee that an investment will only go up but at the very least, the product should be transparent, cost effective and perform consistent with what it was initially created to do.

Financial Planning Is Something That Is Almost Universally Ignored

In addition, I found that comprehensive financial planning is something that is almost universally ignored today by the major investment firms. They may direct you to an automated tool to help you with your asset allocation but for the most part there is absolutely no personal guidance or explanations along the way. This is a major problem in the industry. In addition, if they construct a financial plan for you they charge an additional fee to do so. They often continue to charge you ongoing fees for the maintenance of the plan. At Gwynedd, we do not charge clients additional financial planning fees if we are managing your investments. We strictly charge advisory fees for assets under our management or under our advisement.

Client Centered

At Gwynedd, we provide a comprehensive financial plan and your own private financial website that aggregates your accounts, all for no additional charge. Our advisory fees are based on a percentage of the assets that we manage.

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For those of you wondering, Gwynedd was named after the township in Pennsylvania where the company was founded and means “Blessed Happiness” in Welsh.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you!

Jeff Biernat
Founder and CEO