Wealth Services

As a busy executive or professional, comprehensively planning and managing your wealth presents a host of challenges, none of which should result in undue anxiety or stress. That’s where we come in. As a firm experienced in helping executives and professionals navigate a multitude of financial issues we can reduce the complexity so you and your family can feel comfortable making important financial decisions about your future.

Financial Planning

There is a saying that “faith without works is dead”. Meaning, you can have all the faith in the world that something will happen but if you do not create a plan and take action nothing will happen. The same can be said about reaching your financial goals. You can have faith and believe (hope) that everything will work out but without a comprehensive financial plan, and a proactive approach, it probably will not. At Gwynedd we sit down with you to understand your goals and potential obstacles and then we create a comprehensive financial plan which includes an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). The IPS is used as a framework for our ongoing relationship and is a fluid document that we will refer to and adjust over time as your life evolves. Our mission is to provide our clients with a clear, sound, workable plan for their financial future and the mechanism to accomplish it.

Wealth Management

As an independent Registered Investment Advisor we are a fiduciary and as such we must put your interests first. What sets Gwynedd apart, is how we create a strategy that protects and builds your wealth. We have an in depth understanding of how investment products are constructed and how they are expected to perform. This knowledge benefits our clients immensely as we are able to steer clear of investments that are manufactured to be “sold” to investors, but not necessarily designed to perform. We provide efficient, low cost methods to add meaningful value to your investments. We optimize your entire portfolio based on your risk tolerance and return requirements. We rebalance when needed and take the emotion out of your investment decisions. Because we are truly independent, we are not incentivized to offer any specific investments. Our motivation is to find the best investment solutions for you in the most cost efficient way. These solutions include but are not limited to ETF’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, private placements and separate account managers.