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Retirement Plan - Professionals

Your current workplace retirement account – 401k, 403b, SEP, SIMPLE IRA

Global Benefits provider Aon Hewitt surveyed more than 700,000 retirement plan participants during the period of 2006-2012, which included the market crash of 2008-2009. Their findings were astounding. Those plan participants that utilized some form of professional advice to manage their retirement accounts outperformed all others by more than 3.3% per year (after all fees).

This annual 3.3% return difference has a profound effect at retirement.

Below is an example of the impact this difference can make after 20 years for a 45-year-old that has $100,000 in their workplace retirement account:


No Advice

With Advice










Aon found, in dollar terms, that a 45-year-old participant that uses some form of professional advice will amass $587,000 by the age of 65 or 79% more. Both scenarios assume no further contributions by either participant and include all fees. The numbers magnify even more when 20 years of additional contributions are factored in.

Why the great disparity? The survey found that the portfolios of individuals who didn’t seek advice suffered from:

  • Inappropriate risk levels
  • Market timing mistakes
  • Misunderstanding risks and market volatility

There is a way for you to have your retirement account managed by a professional without disrupting your existing account. More than 100,000 retirement plans throughout the country,including 401k’s and 403b’s, allow for individual participants, like you, to engage a professional advisor to help manage your retirement account assets directly through your existing plan. The process is simple and easy to implement and nothing about your account will change other than a significant increase in your investment options. Although SEP’s and SIMPLE IRA’s are structured differently, we also can directly manage those plans for you. Contact us and we can show you how.